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We all have a contribution to make professionally, personally and socially.  Though some lack the confidence to do so effectively.

For decades, communications expert Diane Darling has taught people the skills to enter any situation – shoulders back, head held high, and hand outstretched – with the confidence to use their voice to optimal effect.

She calls on her own life, as an author, educator, and consultant, to present tailored keynotes and programs for a variety of audiences including Harvard Business School, European Cardiology Society, Bank of American, American Heart Association, and many more.

Using both her expert communication skills and early life insecurities as a springboard, Diane immediately connects with her audiences and then takes them on a journey to confidence.

Participants leave feeling educated, inspired, and entertained. They also are able to engage with peers committed to continuous improvement.

Key take-aways from a Diane Darling program include:

Leverage Your Voice.

Communicate with Confidence.

Effortlessly Connect.

About Diane Darling

From ages 6-16, Diane attended six schools from rural Indiana, the mountains of Colorado to Bangkok and then back again. 

Her peripatetic life sparked a passion for travel, built resilience and taught her how to connect with others in any situation.

Diane is best known as the author of McGraw-Hill’s definitive book on networking, The Networking Survival Guide, which went into a 2nd printing 90-days after release and Networking for Career Success, which has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai.

A friendly introvert by nature, Diane is not immune to the insecurities one can feel walking into a room full of strangers. Her stint as a stand-up comic helped alleviate those fears.

Past experiences as a tour leader on all seven continents and over 60 countries, non-profit fund-raiser and partnership guru at top companies further taught her how to find common ground with people and then form a relationship.

Today, as an internationally published author, educator and consultant, she has taught millions of people how to find their voice and use it to optimal advantage.

Anyway you look at it, other people are your greatest resource. Diane Darling’s in-depth, easy-to-follow instructions will fill your life with opportunities to meet these people and reap the rewards.

Nicholas Boothman

Author - How to Make People Like you in 90 Seconds or Less & How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less

Diane teaches that generating clients isn’t a matter of closing ‘sales’; it’s a matter of building relationships with people you want to help and who want to help you.

Beth Boland

Partner, Foley & Lardner

I am a tough critic and Diane is the best of the best. Her content was brilliant and her delivery was exceptional.

Grover E. Cleveland

Attorney, Speaker, and Author

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