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Communicate Clearly.

Diane’s programs provide a comfortable forum for people to take on the uncomfortable. Even introverts frequently comment that they went from skeptical to enthusiastic in a short amount of time. Audiences connect with her down-to- earth practical information, filled with specific tips and tricks. Authentic, charming and authoritative, she shares her own vulnerabilities, fears, successes, and how she found her personal presence in writing, consulting and speaking.

About Diane Darling

The industrial freighter was HUGE – especially from the eyes of a six-year-old girl.

It would take three weeks to sail from San Francisco across the Pacific to the Philippines. I would soon be a new kid (the only white girl) in a classroom at a local school. 

For the next 10+ years I would attend 6 new schools and needed to learn how to make friends. This included going from rural Indiana to Bangkok and then coming back to Indiana for my senior year of high school. All before Facebook and email!


Little did I know that connecting with others would be a lifelong skill that I would teach others. 

I provide multiple ways to help you gain the skills you need and the strategy to implement them – speaking, leading workshops, being a facilitator, consulting or one-on-one coaching. 

In order to overcome my fear of public speaking, I took stand-up comedy.

Looking for an engaging speaker who will get people off their phones and actually talking to others at a conference, fundraiser, or sales meeting?

Unlike typical keynote speakers perched at a podium, I walk the floor and directly interact with the audience. People leave laughing and exchanging business cards with people they just met. I invigorate the event and attendees act on what they learned for the rest of the event and back to the office.

I was even the commencement speaker at MIT Charm School (yes there is such a thing).

My past work experiences include being a tour leader (been to all 7 continents and roughly 60 countries), raised money for nonprofits (including $50k from Viagra to help save rhinos), and even teach people how to watch American football. Hey – if you can speak sports, it’s easier to connect with many other people.

Diane teaches that generating clients isn’t a matter of closing ‘sales’; it’s a matter of building relationships with people you want to help and who want to help you.

Beth Boland

Partner, Foley & Lardner

I am a tough critic and Diane is the best of the best. Her content was brilliant and her delivery was exceptional.

Grover E. Cleveland

Attorney, Speaker, and Author

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