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I left the event wondering … what was that about about? Yikes!

My ears were ringing, I had two new business cards in my pocket (there were 350 people there), the food was pretty good, but I still left saying …. what was that about?

I attend many events and teach networking. So fair enough, I‘m probably a bit more critical than most. After getting to the peace and quiet of my own space (my car), I identified the reasons I dislike many networking events.

See what you think?

  1. Music is too loud. It’s a networking event people, not a concert! If the idea is to create a forum for people to meet and reconnect, don’t make them shout.
  2. Small font on name tags. I have a pretty good memory, but then again these days my brain is often on overload. I see someone, we look at each other as if we’ve met before, but who makes the first move, I try and glance at the name badge … wow, that font is small.
  3. Cute theme but why is there one? If you’re going to have a themed-event, connect all the dots. It’s odd when some people are dressed for a certain reason and others just came from work and are scratching their heads – did I miss the memo or am I in a Bridget Jones movie.
  4. Host clique. The event was hosted by a well-respected name brand hotel. It was supposed to be a forum to get clients. So why did all the employees from said hotel cluster together, eat and drink with their backs to others when it was supposed to be a way for them to meet others?
  5. Introvert/Ambivert (aka FFI). I genuinely like people, I just don’t want to compete or exert energy to say hello. On the Myers-Briggs scale I test as an introvert. I’ve actually nicknamed myself as a FFI – Friendly, Functional, Introvert. I’m functional at noisy events with lots of people with name badges I can’t read.
  6. Step-by-step guide. If you’d like some tips to help you survive your next event …. go here!

About the author 

Diane Darling

Diane is an accidental speaker and author. Her first business (helping airlines and hotels track lost and found) failed after September 11th. Someone asked her to share how she got appointments with senior level executives even though she had never been in business before. That turned into a talk called, "10 Ways to Network Effectively."

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