I left the event wondering … what was that about about? Yikes!

My ears were ringing, I had two new business cards in my pocket (there were 350 people there), the food was pretty good, but I still left saying …. what was that about?

I attend many events and teach networking. So fair enough, I‘m probably a bit more critical than most. After getting to the peace and quiet of my own space (my car), I identified the reasons I dislike many networking events.

See what you think?

  1. Music is too loud. It’s a networking event people, not a concert! If the idea is to create a forum for people to meet and reconnect, don’t make them shout.
  2. Small font on name tags. I have a pretty good memory, but then again these days my brain is often on overload. I see someone, we look at each other as if we’ve met before, but who makes the first move, I try and glance at the name badge … wow, that font is small.
  3. Cute theme but why is there one? If you’re going to have a themed-event, connect all the dots. It’s odd when some people are dressed for a certain reason and others just came from work and are scratching their heads – did I miss the memo or am I in a Bridget Jones movie.
  4. Host clique. The event was hosted by a well-respected name brand hotel. It was supposed to be a forum to get clients. So why did all the employees from said hotel cluster together, eat and drink with their backs to others when it was supposed to be a way for them to meet others?
  5. Introvert/Ambivert (aka FFI). I genuinely like people, I just don’t want to compete or exert energy to say hello. On the Myers-Briggs scale I test as an introvert. I’ve actually nicknamed myself as a FFI – Friendly, Functional, Introvert. I’m functional at noisy events with lots of people with name badges I can’t read.
  6. Step-by-step guide. If you’d like some tips to help you survive your next event …. go here!