Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Diane connects with audiences by sharing both her past vulnerabilities and fears and the tools she learned to overcome them. She shares very practical information, complete with specific tips and tools to help audience members find their voice and enter future interactions with greater confidence.

Through her customized talks Diane has:

  • Given surgeons and hospitals strategies for internal networking and communication
  • Coached sales teams on communication strategies to improve client relationships
  • Taught women how to successfully navigate male-dominated work environments
  • Provided thousands of individuals with the tools and motivation to find success in their careers

Educate, Engage, and Inspire Your Team

Educate your colleagues on how to find their voice and use it with confidence

Engage your colleagues with a program that leaves them feeling energized and ready to take action

Inspire your colleagues to be their best self when connecting with others professionally, socially and personally

Diane tailors each talk to meet the needs and expectations of your audience. Below are some sample topics:

How to Keep Your Best Employees


In a war for talent, it can feel like a battle to recruit much less retain your top talent. In this informative and action oriented talk, you’ll learn to engage in an authentic, meaningful conversation with your best employees.

We will explore methods to start those conversations and identify reasons they may go astray.

Results Include:

  • Learn how to differentiate your organization so employees feel appreciated and valued
  • Discover why people don’t tell you they’re unhappy and what to do about it
  • Explore ways to deal with toxic employees so they don’t disrupt the workforce
  • Find out what others are saying about your organization and how to change any negative perceptions

Why Your Clients Leave and What You Can Do To Make Them Stay

Every quality product or service quickly has competitors. In this talk, we get into the mind and decision making process of your client or customer. 

Results Include:

  • Discover how to create a trusting environment for clients to express their thoughts and feelings
  • Learn why they may be getting ready to end the relationship
  • Explore how to differentiate your product and/or service so it remains a compelling choice
  • Learn about apps and tools that can help provide insights
  • Identify ways to enter an event feeling bold, proud, and confident.

Today’s Contacts > Tomorrow’s Clients


It’s great you have a robust network – but how do you bring up your professional life with those you know socially? And how do you get referrals from your network from those outside your target market?

In this talk, Diane provides a step-by-step way to engage your contacts. Not only will they be your #1 fan, they’ll take action to make introductions on your behalf.

Discover proven ways to stay top of mind and save yourself hours of time.


Results Include:

  • Learn how to stay top of mind in a compelling, non-intrusive manner.
  • Discover tools and apps that help you stay in touch and organized
  • Learn why people specifically think of you asked for someone with your skill set.
  • Leverage LinkedIn and create a unique strategy that differentiates you from others.
  • Understand your reluctance to ask for help and then how to change that feeling.

Networking for Introverts

Ever walked into a networking event and wished you hadn’t? Would you rather be having a one-on-one conversation than trying to figure out who to approach? You’re not alone. Introverts make up ~ 50% of the population. Diane demystifies the networking process and breaks it down into digestible actions.

Results Include:

  • Better understand why you may not like walking into a room and talking to strangers.
  • Discover two magic words to start any conversation.
  • Learn why people are always looking at their phones and why you should start with them.
  • Identify ways to circumvent “working the room.”

Relationship Building within Your Organization


Building relationships at work isn’t always intuitive. And, in today’s world where every action is a click away from being shared with the world, it’s more important than ever to build and sustain relationships at work.

Discover proven ways to stay top of mind and save yourself hours of time.

These insights can be used for business or nonprofit initiatives.


Results Include:

  • Discover the overlooked power players and then how to know them.
  • Identify who you want to know and why they should want to know you.
  • Master skills that help advance careers and learn what not to do.
  • Improve your LinkedIn profile so it portrays your contribution to your organization.
  • Learn action steps to take when you misstep that will actually enhance your career.

7 Habits of Effective Networkers

When you hear the word ‘networking’ do you think of an overly aggressive person handing you a business card and pitching you for a deal? If so, you are not alone.

Everyone knows that we get more done when we help others and have them help us. But how do you build that network with a sense of authenticity?

In this talk, Diane shares her go-to strategies that help everyone learn how to master the art of networking.

Results Include:

  • Understand why networking sometimes gets a bad rap and how you can become good at it.
  • Identify your PBA (personal board of advisors) who help you succeed both at events and one-on-one.
  • Master the art of graciously exiting a conversation.
  • Discover how to prepare for a networking opportunity and why it’s helpful to do so.
  • Action steps to take when you misstep that will actually enhance your career.