Best Seller: Networking for Career Success

August 27, 2021

Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People (The McGraw-Hill Professional Education Series)

Networking for Career Success shows professionals how to enhance their careers through effective networking. It covers everything from basics of networking to targeted techniques for making a career change, funding a new business venture, adding clients, and more.

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  • Length: 64 pages
"Networking is the art of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. There is a worthwhile reason for all parties to participate. It happens at home, at work, in our community, with everyone."

Network? What's that about and why should I care?

If that's what you are wondering, this is the book for you. In 24 short lessons, you'll learn the basics of networking. This book focuses on two facets of networking: the outside - the practical, the skills - and the inside - the spiritual, the connection that we feel with others when we network. This book will establish that networking in the art of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. It's about helping and being helped, about having expectations of others and meeting their expectations of you.

"Strategic networking prepares us for serendipitous moments. When we are confident of our ability to meet people, we are more likely to be open to chance encounters and convert them to mutually beneficial relationships."
5-Star Review from Amazon - Highly Recommended

"When you think of networking, what comes to mind? Do you think of attending a trade show to find a lot of people for whom to sell your products or services? Or maybe you think of meeting someone who will help you land that perfect job. While these are both legitimate reasons for wanting to network, Diane Darling's "Networking for Career Success" reminds us that networking is the art of building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. In other words, one should expect to give as well as receive.

"Networking for Career Success" is packed with powerful ideas and suggestions on how to network the right way. The author gives great advice on etiquette, preparation and execution. For example, she suggests packing a networking kit that includes index cards for notes, business cards and breath mints (among other things). She also drives home the need to build relationships and advises readers to be prepared to help others when asked.

Though the book is light on pages, it is heavy on sound advice for professional networking. Diane Darling has written an intelligent handbook that should be included with anyone's networking survival kit."

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