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There’s little shortage of interesting people in the world to meet. Staying in touch with them however is more problematic for me. I don’t want to bug people or have them sigh … “oh there’s that Darling woman again!”

I know that follow up is key to building my business and helping others. So what is the difference between persistence and stalking? When is it too much? When do people forget about us because we’re out of sight out of mind?

Here are some thoughts and I welcome yours.


  • Everyone in your database should hear from you at some point
  • Be in touch with them 3-4 times a year
  • Use Constant Contact, MailChimp or another email newsletter tool
    • Be sure people can unsubscribe without hassle
    • You’ll see what works and doesn’t by the response rate
  • Offer VALUABLE information that is applicable to them
    • Articles
    • Apps
    • Productivity tools

  • People who have paid you should hear from you as well
  • Be in touch with them at least 6 times a year
  • Some will fall into the above list
  • Others you’ll want to segment so you can send them information that’s useful to them
  • Use the above mentioned email tools

  • These people are a combination clients, service providers, friends, former colleagues, neighbors
  • They like you and trust you
  • Include useful information such as articles, apps, etc.
  • Keep them posted about what’s happening in your life
  • Remind them what you do for a living and the people you’re looking to meet. This might sound obvious. However, I often find that people assume others know what they do and that’s not really the case.
  • Consider being in touch with them 12 times a year

Use an email system so they can unsubscribe


When someone has expressed interest in purchasing your product or service, make it easy for them to do so. If you are known as someone who is easy to do work with, you’ll get more clients/customers and more recommendations.

  • Express interest in working with them to solve their problem
  • Use a calendar tool (eg. Calendly.com) to make it easy to schedule the next call
  • Get off email! Whenever possible, meet in person
  • Persistence is following up at least 3 times
  • Stalking (for me) is more than 5
  • Say no if you’re not going to hire people – this is polite and good karma for you

This is NOT sales! I can’t say that enough. Meeting or reconnecting with someone doesn’t mean they want to buy from you.

  • Don’t send an email with a brochure attachment unless they’ve asked for it (then you’re above in sales)
  • Do send a follow up email
  • Ask how you can help the other person

IMPORTANT NOTE – None of these messages should be a pure sales pitch. Of course include your contact info, some highlights of your work, and links to your social media accounts.

Please send me your suggestions or ideas …. Cheers, Diane

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About the author 

Diane Darling

Diane is an accidental speaker and author. Her first business (helping airlines and hotels track lost and found) failed after September 11th. Someone asked her to share how she got appointments with senior level executives even though she had never been in business before. That turned into a talk called, "10 Ways to Network Effectively."

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