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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you recommend a keynote speaking session, a workshop, or both?

The answer is that it depends on the audience, budget, and goals of the organization. Small audiences may be better suited for a combination of intimate keynote presentation and a workshop. Keynote presentations are more ideal for large audiences.

Do you customize or tailor your discussions for the audience?

Absolutely! If it is known in advance that the audience will be professionals with similar careers, then tailoring the content for the audience will be more effective. However, my content also resonates well for diverse audiences as the recommendations are applicable.

How long are your keynote presentations?

Keynote presentations generally range from 30-90 minutes. Workshops are best delivered over four weeks in 60-90 minute sessions. It depends on the goals of the program as well as the budget.

What do you cover in your programs?

The first aspect is to discuss what networking is - and what it isn’t! Many people have a misguided idea that networking can be selfish or even “sleazy”. I take great pride in building relationships and my programs show the inherent value in networking - which is, in part, about building authentic relationships. The content I created for my programs elaborates on these discussion points.

I’m an introvert or my audience will likely be introverted. Will this work for me or my audience?

Yes! Indeed, I also test on the gentle side of being an introvert. In fact, I’m considered an ambivert - which means I can go back and forth between introvert and extrovert. I understand what it’s like when you prefer to be in a smaller setting - which is why I design my content to apply to a diverse audience in this respect.

I am interested in executive coaching. How long is the recommended coaching program?

I find that my clients get the best results over a 3-month period whereby we meet at least 1x per week. Coaching is for driven people who want to focus on their work in a strategic and meaningful way - and they are ready to be vulnerable and commit their time. Just like an athlete, they value someone else’s perspective and knowledge. Not everyone is coachable. It’s key to start small and grow from there.

How would you describe the value you bring to an organization as a consultant focused on corporate culture and talent management?

In my experience, companies with strong corporate cultures both retain talented employees while also improving the bottom line. My consulting is hyper-focused on corporate culture (both the detractors and multipliers to success). This includes: Corporate Culture Review & Strategy, 360 Executive Leadership Feedback, Talent Management & Development, Company Positioning to Recruit New Talent, Employee Best Practices & Adherence to Corporate Policies.

The Darling Institute:
Learn to network, cohort-style, while improving your professional brand.

Interested in going deeper & applying Diane's teachings in a practical setting? The Darling Institute provides a cohort-style learning environment that gives you useful skills, a  professional brand review, and a welcoming forum to practice and improve your résumé (CV) and narrative. It's a great community, too!

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