Networking Tips

Diane's newsletter articles providing networking tips.

A few tricks to master the networking name game

You have just met someone at an event and then two seconds later you have no clue what their name is.

Networking Tips

Quality, not quantity for key contacts

It's quality contacts you are after. The number of business cards you get is not an indicator of future business.

Networking Tips

Test your networking skills to avoid hitting the skids

Networking skills can be practiced - and receiving feedback on how we present to others can be immensely helpful.

Networking Tips

Jumping from ‘who’ to ‘how’ is crucial in networking

Remember, whom you know may get you started, but how you proceed is the key to long-term success.

Networking Tips

Give it a rest: Only you can prevent networking burnout

It is a good idea to take a break every so often to prevent EEB -- Excessive Event Burnout.

Networking Tips

Why Doctors Need to Network

Encouraging medical professionals to further develop communication skills so they can share their accomplishments and their knowledge with others.

Networking Tips

The Darling Institute:
Learn to network, cohort-style, while improving your professional brand.

Interested in going deeper & applying Diane's teachings in a practical setting? The Darling Institute provides a cohort-style learning environment that gives you useful skills, a  professional brand review, and a welcoming forum to practice and improve your résumé (CV) and narrative. It's a great community, too!

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