Diane's published work.

Best Seller: The Networking Survival Guide

This fully revised edition of The Networking Survival Guide reveals tried and true networking tactics, as well as new ways to harness the extraordinary influence of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Best Seller: Networking for Career Success

Networking for Career Success shows professionals how to enhance their careers through effective networking. It covers everything from basics of networking to targeted techniques for making a career change, funding a new business venture, adding clients, and more.


The Darling Institute:
Learn to network, cohort-style, while improving your professional brand.

Interested in going deeper & applying Diane's teachings in a practical setting? The Darling Institute provides a cohort-style learning environment that gives you useful skills, a  professional brand review, and a welcoming forum to practice and improve your résumé (CV) and narrative. It's a great community, too!

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