Corporate clients seek Diane’s expertise on relationship building because they recognize her experience bringing different groups together.  Adept at speaking to audiences up and down the org chart, she has worked with corporations of all sizes, academic institutions, non-profits, associations, and volunteer organizations.

Diane practices what she preaches. Using her time-tested communications and networking skills, she has built an extremely impressive list of colleagues, contacts and friends over the course of her career. If you are looking for that needle in a haystack when it comes to networking, Diane is a great place for you to start.

When seeking expert opinions on all things communications and networking, the media regularly turns to Diane. Recent exposure includes NBC Nightly News, in The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe.

Global Citizen and Expert Communicator

From ages 6-16, Diane attended six schools from rural Indiana, the mountains of Colorado to Bangkok and then back again. This peripatetic life helped spark Diane’s passion for travel, while teaching her resilience and how to connect with anybody in any situation.

Before starting her own business as a speaker, consultant, and career coach, Diane’s career spanned the globe. She was a tour leader on all seven continents and in over 60 countries, a non-profit fund-raiser, and a business guru helping top companies maximize their talent, time, and money.

Drawing from these experiences, Diane’s talks and one-on-one coaching services teach people how to find common ground with others in order to form beneficial relationships for mutual benefit.

As an internationally published author, educator, and consultant, every year Diane teaches thousands how to find their voice and use it to advance their careers and find success in their lives.

“Networking isn’t a place, it’s an idea.”

That means it happens with every interaction, consciously or not. From water-cooler chats to boardroom meetings, colleagues are convening, conversing and connecting. Advanced networking skills will help get the most out of those interactions.

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