Diane Darling

…knows the value of relationships and how to build them. 

She is the author of McGraw-Hill’s definitive book on networking, The Networking Survival GuideDiane speaks and trains thousands of people each year on ways to build relationships, leading to opportunities and growth.

Global Citizen

Diane’s travels include all seven continents and over 60 countries. Having lived overseas for several years and domestically in several regions of the USA, Diane has a keen appreciation for diverse cultures.  In her work she celebrates and supports the complexities of all cultural, gender
and racial relationships.

Relationship Builder

Corporate clients seek Diane’s expertise on relationship building recognizing her vast experience bringing disparate groups together.  Adept at speaking to audiences up and down the org chart, she has worked with all size corporations, academic institutions, non-profits, associations, and volunteer organizations.

One-Stop Resource

Diane practices what she preaches. Using her advanced communications and networking skills, over the course of her career, she has built an extremely robust list of colleagues, contacts and friends. If you are looking for that needle in a haystack, Diane Darling is a good place for you to start.

Media Darling

When seeking expert opinions on all things communications and networking, the media regularly turns to Diane. Recent exposure includes NBC Nightly News, in The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe.

Networking isn’t a place, it’s an idea. That means it happens with every interaction, consciously or not. From water-cooler chats to boardroom meetings, colleagues are convening, conversing and connecting. Advanced networking skills will help get the most out of those interactions.